Netopia Router Setup

Here is the process of Netopia Router Setup. Every brand of wireless or wifi router is different 192.168.l.254 in its routine of a router settings. These Netopia routers do not require some setup which ensures all your devices are able to communicate with each other easily.

Every Router has default IP address, You need to Find it and use Default Username and Password

Steps To Netopia Router Setup with

Here is the simple guide to configure the Router. Follow these steps to setup Netopia router easily without any issue.

  • Firstly, you need to hold the Reset button on the router which is located on the front or back of the Netopia router for about one minute.
  • Resetting router helps you refresh and format of existing usernames and passwords
  • You need to Connect the router brands to the computer in the numbered ports for the back of your Wireless router or into the LAN port to access router and on the computer.
  • Now verify that you’re getting a Link LED that resemble the port which you plugged the computer.
  • Then open the web browser.  Then type http://192.168.l.254 into the “Address” bar of the browser.
  • There you can see a “User Name” and “Password” on the screen. There you can type default username and password admin/admin/admin/admin and type 1234/admin/password/blank as the default password, then click OK.
  • Then the Netopia setup page appears. There you will see the DHCP tab click on the tab and open it.
  • Now you need to click on the Disable button which is under DHCP Server.  Then Click on Apply button to Continue to access router.
  • Then click on the Setup tab on the top of the router settings.  Now change the LAN IP Address to IP address with the other routers IP subnet.
  • After completing the process you can click on the Apply button.  Now You can access the internet with Netopia Wireless router with provided Private IP address.

Here is the process to access the Router settings. Once you have connected your Netopia Router then you can easily access the internet without any issue through the 192.168.l.254